Features that simplify your life.

From rent reminders to direct deposit, RentMindMe reduces your task list and makes managing your rentals easier.

Connect. Collect. Report.

Powerful rental management software for DIY Landlords

RentMindMe offers:

  • Rent reminders
  • Automated invoice generation
  • Instant bank account setup
  • Invoicing beyond rent
  • Automatic late fee calculation
  • Section 8 subsidy
  • Cash in your bank in 2-3 days
  • Manual rent collection
  • Recurring rent payments
  • Photo & document sharing
  • Maintenance requests
  • Data reporting
Collect rent from your smart phone

Collect rent online.

  • Save time collecting rent—your tenants receive email reminders on the day due, the day before it’s late, and every day thereafter until it’s paid.
  • Apply late fees automatically—if you charge late fees, they are automatically calculated and added each day to the total due.
  • Improve cash flow—receive your rent in 3 business days—directly deposited in your bank account.
  • Charge custom monthly fees—easily add pet, trash, parking, water or any other custom fees to the monthly rent invoice.
  • Collect rent manually— if you collect rent as cash, check or money order, you can throw out the receipt book. RentMindMe automatically generates one for you.
  • Easily reconcile payments— each automatic rent payment displays the tenant's name and invoice number on your bank deposit statement.

Manage your investments.

  • Monitor your monthly rent roll—get a snapshot of your rent roll as well as total rent due, processing, paid and late with links to the detailed invoice.
  • Group properties by location—manage your properties by ownership group, company, city, state, school district or whatever has meaning to you.
  • View property details—see your property pictures, lease details, tenant details and payment history all in one place.
  • Manage property standards—document manufacturer, SKU and pics of paint colors, flooring, faucets or anything you want to track.
  • Create company reports—see occupancy and vacancy percentages in custom date ranges with rent, lease term and annual revenue figures.
  • Track work order activity—view open and closed work orders and create new ones with a single click. Even create private ones that only you can see.
Dashboard view of RentMindMe software on tablet
Management of rental properties made easy

Easily communicate with tenants.

  • Track status of tenant enrollment—see when the RentMindMe invite was opened, when they signed up and if they enrolled their bank account.
  • Be transparent about lease details—share a summary of key lease details like rent, fees, lease term, deposits and days left before the lease ends.
  • Provide tenant payment history—both you and your tenant can view payment history that lists date paid, amount paid and payment method.
  • Share documents and pics—upload PDFs like the signed lease, checklists, lead paint disclosures or pre move-in pictures.
  • Display dated notes on work orders—communicate on the actual work order to update the progress of the fix and show when the work was completed.
  • Improve communication—let RentMindMe do the heavy lifting by automatically sending email rent reminders, late notices, and work order updates .

Your subscription to RentMindMe always includes:

Online Rent Collection

Maintenance Requests

Streamlined Communication

Shared Contacts

Reports & Records

Time Recording

Standards Management

Photos & Documents

Tenant Bulletins

Accept Debit or Credit cards


SMS/Text Reminders

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